What does freedom mean to you?

This is the question we asked our audience and event participants at “Freedom 2019”, a New Horizon Media Arts event that we hosted last year. We got a variety of answers that showed Freedom meant many different things to different people.

So what does freedom mean to you?

And more importantly, after the first half of 2020, how has your definition of freedom shifted and changed?

After months of being in lockdown in the confines of our homes for fear of catching and spreading a deadly illness, it’s hard not to be introspective about many things in life. It’s especially hard to think of the work ‘freedom’ when most of us couldn’t leave our homes.

But for people who could stay home without working, people who didn’t have to worry about lost income, and even people who could work from home- that was one of the new definitions of freedom in these times.

And unfortunately, there were people couldn’t enjoy this new freedom and security. People who struggled to survive due to their lost jobs and incomes. People who couldn’t isolate themselves at home from to stay safe from the virus.

Thankfully, though times have been dark, there has also been a lot of positive and impactful work from people to help those who needed support. In fact, in our series #safedistancesafelives, we share some of those positive and inspirational stories. We share how people are helping others get some semblance of freedom in these times.

To celebrate freedom in all its forms, and to make people think more about what freedom means to them, we are holding our second Freedom event. For everyone’s safety during these uncertain times, “Freedom 2020” will be an online video extravaganza that will be accessible to watch on Facebook and YouTube.

At last year’s event, “Freedom 2019”, we celebrated freedom with an emphasis on the idea of freedom of speech, thought and action. The ability to be able to share our thoughts without fear was the main inspiration and driving force behind the event. We also celebrated the completion of our first documentary “Crossing the River of Life” and its accompanying book “Lokhi & I”.

This year, on Sunday July 19th, we plan to showcase our second project “Sree” with a separate segment. In addition there will be much needed inspirational speeches from professional speakers. We’re also holding a youth selfie competition to have more audience participation in the event, especially since this is an online event.

The aim of “Freedom 2020” is to connect people from various parts of the world. So consider this an open invitation. Head over to our Eventbrite page and register to join us.

See you on July 19th.

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