What does Freedom mean to you?

Freedom of  Speech

You will hear inspiring  speeches on social justice which will cover topics like New Immigrant stories, Domestic abuse, Human trafficking, Human rights, Mental Health, and Public speaking 


Meet the stars of our upcoming films



Watch live dance performances from the women in our upcoming film Sree- a film about four different immigrant women, the challenges they face and how dance has played a major role in helping them overcome those challenges. 

Proceeds from the event will help us continue and complete the production of this film. So buy your tickets today.

To learn more about the film, visit Sree.

Cricket N Me


In a male-dominated immigrant sport like Cricket, women have to work twice as hard to gain recognition. But the love of the game, pushes them to overcome those and many other challenges in their life.

To learn more about the film, visit Cricket N Me

Glynis D'souza

Glynis D'souza, coach. CEO of "Glynis D'souza Personal Development".

Glynis  D'souza is a coach who helps individuals and teams develop the ability to become aware of their potential and thus grow their business result. 

Her passion is for leading people to discover, maximize and lead with their inner strengths while offering advanced strategies to achieve higher levels of performance. 

She is the CEO of Glynis Dsouza Personal Development.  

Ven Virah

Ven Virah, World Class Speaking Coach, Toronto.

 Ven Virah is an award-winning motivational speaker and a certified World Class Speaking coach.He will be speaking at Ted Ex Unionville on May 4th. Please visit the event page to know more. Affectionately known by many as “the Brown Tony Robbins”, Ven loves to light the room with infectious energy, contagious humour, and attractive optimism!

Since moving to Toronto four years ago, Ven gave numerous workshops, keynotes and has coached many clients around the globe on how to achieve advanced speaking skills.

Svetlana Ratnikova


Founder of 'Immigrant Women in Business'.

Huria Kiran

Huria Kiran

A founding member of 'Immigrant Women in Business', Huria aims to  educate, entertain and inspire women to be leaders in their communities. 

Learn more about her in our blog post here

Azizah Zareh

Azizah Zareh

A Feminist and Gender Equality Activist, Azizah is an experienced Advisor with a history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. With a Master of Business Administration (MBA), she uses her skills in Policy Analysis, Government, Program Evaluation, Strategic Planning, and Strategy, to help organizations reach their fullest potential.   

Mark Dunn


Mental Health

Gabby Mammone


Kind Projects

Roger Caesar


Current District 86 Toastmaster  champion and 3 times Semi finalist in the International Toastmasters competition. 

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Platinum Sponsor Details for NHMA's upcoming event "Freedom 2019"

$1000 ( Only 3 Spots Available)

As a Platinum Sponsor for this event, you will be the Primary sponsor for the Band or the Entertainment or the Dinner.

This package will include 

  • Dinner for 2.
  • A table that can be used for sale of you products (No food items).
  • A banner display (Please  bring your  own stand).
  • Mention  in the  film 

Gold Sponsor Details for NHMA's upcoming event "Freedom 2019"

$300 (Only 4 Spots Available)

As a Gold Sponsor for this event, you will get 

  • A display table (and one chair) which could be used to sell your products (No food  items).
  • 2 dinners.
  • Special mention in the  program.
  • Banner display (Please bring your own stand).

Silver Sponsor Details for NHMA's upcoming event "Freedom 2019"

$200.00 (Only 4 Spots Available)

As a Silver Sponsor for this event, you will get

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  • One dinner will be included.

Bronze Sponsor Details for NHMA's upcoming event "Freedom 2019"

$100.00 (Only 8 Spots Available) 

As a Bronze Sponsor for this event, you will be able to 

  • Display your banner (Please bring your stand).
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