Cricket n me

Cricket N Me

Women in cricket

Cricket is a male dominated sport, played prominently in the British Isles, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia. 

In Canada, where Hockey, Baseball, Basketball and even Soccer dominate the sports media coverage, Cricket struggles to find an audience. Played and followed by just a few of Canada's immigrant community, Canadian cricket players have to work hard to gain recognition for their sport.

As if there wasn't enough hurdles to overcome, the women who play cricket also have to deal with the additional challenge of proving that they have can play just as well as their male counterparts. 

The film explores the stories of three empowered  cricket players- Miryam, Chuntell and Monali- chronicling the unique challenges they face as an immigrant woman playing an immigrant sport, and their love for the sport despite those challenges.

The film is made in collaboration with Ontario Cricket Academy with Tina Naidu as the  subject  consultant.


Miryam Khokhar

Having started playing cricket as a child because of her older brother, Miryam didn't see other women playing cricket until she was 11. With the help of a coach who never allowed her to fall into self-doubt, Miryam continued playing cricket and her award-winning abilities on the field have landed her several opportunities for her future.


Monali Patel

Even before she moved to Canada at 11, Monali was an avid athlete back in Kenya. Having played soccer and competitive swimming in school, sports was a huge part of her life. When Monali found cricket, her passion for the game led her to give it her all.  And at age 18, she made her Canadian debut in 2007. Since then she has played as part of the Canadian National team and even coached younger players.